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manndómur (manhood)

Poetry, Mál og menning, 2022

standing in front of the desk
wearing a yellow rain suit
a bucket in my left and a shovel in my right
sandy snot on my upper lip


I own this office
the white walls smell of security and restlessness
on the desktop three thousand unread emails are flashing
or three thousand bright red traffic lights
on the expressway there‘s a three hour traffic jam
but I‘m just here
in the office

"On the whole manhood is a very beautiful and endearing book which touches on contemporary issues and discusses in a honest manner masculinity, sentimentality and the growing pains which perhaps never stop afflicting us."

-Snædís Björnsdóttir, Morgunblaðið

"This is a poetry book where you temporarily lose yourself in, only to find yourself again, perhaps with six-shooters in hand, and probably dwell there longer than you expected."

-Arnór Hjartarson, Stundin

"Manhood is an ambitious and powerful book."

-Vera Knútsdóttir, Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature


Gangverk (Clockwork)

Poetry, Mál og menning, 2019

Grassroots Grant of the Icelandic Literature Center 2018.

it’s 2007 and time stands still for thirty three minutes and three seconds time stands still and I don’t think because for thirty three minutes and three seconds I don’t exist

“Gangverk is a fascinating book of poetry by a young poet who has gone through a remarkable life experience. The poems vary in form and are created with different methods, but all share the common trait of being sincere and dealing with a personal experience while also pointing towards the universal. The main theme is the language of the heart, on the grounds of both the medical sciences and love, in a way that provides a unique insight into the life and feelings of the poems' narrator.”


-Comments from the literary consultant of The Icelandic Literature Center.


Draumar á þvottasnúru (Dreams on a clothesline)

Poetry, Partus, 2016

Raging sea

I woke up this morning
Ragged, gray and haggard
from the piercing cry of the seagull by my bedside
Ragged, gray and haggard
I looked out and saw the sea
Ragged, gray and haggard

With waves in hair
seaweed in beard
and barnacles in eyes
I went back to bed and tried crawling into the shell
but the surly wind blew me on my feet
and left the ocean bed under the sheets


Rêves sur un fil à linge

Poetry, Höfn, 2018


French translation of Dreams on a clothesline.

Translator: Dominique Poulain.


J’ouvre le robinet
et la lumière coule à flots dans la

pénombre hivernale

le soleil se fait une place au bord

de la baignoire

ses rayons débordent et se répandent
l’évacuation emplie d’obscurité


skrúfa frá krananum
og birtan flæðir inn í vetrarhúmið
sólin tyllir sér á baðkersbrúnina
geislarnir flæða yfir bakkann
niðurfallið fullt af myrkri

Awards and recognitions








Third place in the Reykjavik Pride Poetry Competition.

The Writers’ Union of Iceland: A work grant for the manuscript of a short story collection.

The Disquiet Literary Prize: Notable Entry for the poem blue sun.

Grassroots Grant of the Icelandic Literature Center for the manuscript of Gangverk.
First and third price in the poetry competition of the Júlíana literary festival in Stykkishólmur.
First price in the short story competition of the University of Iceland Student Paper.








Epic Residencies: One month artist residency in the city of Kosice, Slovakia in June 2023.

Saga Residency: Participation in a 9-day artists’ residency program in the town of Eyrarbakki, Iceland, February 2020.

Val David International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency: Participation in the 20th International Writers’ and Artists’ Festival, including a 10-day residency in Val David, Quebec, September 2019.

HÖFN: A two-month writers’ residency in Marseille, France. September-November 2017.

Skriðuklaustur: A two-month artist residency in Klaustur. February & July 2016.

Other publications











Tímarit Máls og menningar: Essay in issue 4, vol. 83.

Status Check: Artist book published on occasion of the eponymous exhibition in Gerðarsafn Art Museum, editor and curator.

Tímarit Máls og menningar: Essay in issue 3, vol. 81.

Meðgönguljóð: úrval: Four poems in a selection from the Emerging Poets series, publisher Partus.

Tímarit Máls og menningar: Short story in issue 4, vol. 79.

Mótþrói: Two poems in poetry poster, publisher Reykjavík Unesco City of Literature.

The Café Review: Poem in the summer issue of vol. 29.

Tímarit Máls og menningar: Poem in issue 2, vol. 79.

Talking River: Poems in the summer issue of 2017.

Tímarit Máls og menningar: Poems in issue 2, vol. 78.

Í hverju ertu?: Four short stories in a collection by MA students in creative writing and editing at the University of Iceland.

Stína - Journal on literature and arts: Four poems in issue 2, vol. 11.

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