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Orðin sem við skiljum ekki

(The words we do not understand)

Radio series, Rás 1, 2021

In his book On Time and Water author Andri Snær Magnason writes about the fundamental changes that human history and earth history will undergo in the coming century due to climate change. These changes are „more complex than the mind can comprehend, greater than all of our past experience, bigger than language.“ The words we do not understand is a radio series in six parts in which the journalist and author Þorvaldur S. Helgason covers On Time and Water, delves deeper into the book's main subjects' and interviews the scientists, philosophers and activists who have dedicated their lives to investigating the issues that are bigger and more complex than words can describe.

Listen to the full series below (in Icelandic).


Listin að brenna bækur
(The Art of Burning Books)

Radio series, Rás 1, 2019

The Art of Burning Books is a radio series in six parts that explores the fascinating and mysterious history of lost and forgotten books. Listeners will be taken on a journey through the history of literature from the 4th century B.C.E. to present times, in which the story of six events that led to the loss of monumental works of literature will be recounted.

Listen to the full series below (in Icelandic).


Hve glötuð er vor æska?
(Anthem for Doomed Youth)

Podcast, RÚV Núll, 2018

Anthem for Doomed Youth is a twelve episode podcast series where Þorvaldur S. Helgason looks at the literary scene in Iceland with a special emphasis on young writers and readers. Is literature still relevant to young people? Will the next poet laureate be found on Twitter? Each episode focuses on a specific form of literature, writers and experts in said form are invited in for a discussion; emerging poets and respected pioneers alike.

Listen to the first six episodes below and the full series here (in Icelandic):

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